The Ladakh Eco Guide (or LecoG for short) is a joint project between local Ladakhi business operator, Chozang Namgial and several other international supporters.

Noticing that there is a dearth of information for tourists to access regarding the sustainability of various tourist ventures, we decided to review for ourselves using 30 ecologically based criteria as many of the local guesthouses and hotels in and around Leh, as well as many of the food outlets.

We are in the process of publishing these results both as a free guide to give to tourists on an annual basis, as well as an ongoing and constantly updated companion website.

The criteria we have measured was based on a scoring system that tallied to a total off 100 points. We have allocated stars according to points, such that for each set of up to 20 points, one star is given.

0 – 20 = 1 star

21 – 40 = 2 stars

41 – 60 = 3 stars

61 – 80 = 4 stars

81 – 100 = 5 stars

Thus the first 5 star Eco Rating System for Ladakh is launched!

We rely on users to also add their own comments and ratings in order to keep the system alive and vibrant, and up to date. Please feel free to add comments, and if necessary, you can also add listings for places we have yet to review. This is an ongoing community driven project that relies on your support to work well.


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About Ladakh Eco Guide

This guide is made to help you find and use the most ecological services available in Leh and further afield in Ladakh. We are adding new and updated information all the time, and we need your help to keep this updated. Please add your comments or make new listings for the places we have missed.

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